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How to get fish filet in New World

How to get fish filets in New World

There are many different items you can make and cook in New World. Amazon’s new game is all about crafting. One of the core elements in both cooking and alchemy is herbs in the game. To make the many different cooking items in the game, you need to spend time or gold to gather ingredients. This guide will teach you how to get your hands on three different types of fish filets in New World.

If you don’t want to waste all that time gathering. But if you’re trying to speed things up, we have a few ways to help. If you want a fast way to find any resource, use the New World map that the community has put together. If you want to know without having to fiddle with it, keep reading. If you’re hunting for Motes, we have a guide on that too. There’s also a guide for finding Petrified Wood if you’re having trouble there. If you’re having trouble carrying all this, try expanding your inventory space.

How to get fish oil in New World

There are three primary types of fish filet in New World. Whenever you break down a fish you just caught,  you can get ordinary fish fillets when you salvage fish in your inventory. The basic Tier 1 version is useful for many different recipes. Once you’ve caught a fish, hold S on it in the inventory to break it down. Here’s a quick rundown of the ingredients you can get beyond Tier 1. You can get a few different things, although drop chances are better for some of the lower-level items.

How to Get Firm Fish Filets

Firm Fish Filet are the Tier 2 fish drop, like the others, they come from salvaging fish in New World. You will get plenty of these as long as you are regularly salvaging fish on your fishing trips. They are used in various ration recipes at a Tier 2 Cooking Station.

For most of these basic fish, you want to use Firefly or Woodlouse Bait on your fishing pole

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Firm Fish Filets come from CatfishCodHalibutSturgeonCommon Fish, and Uncommon Fish.

How to Get Tender Fish Filets

Tender Fish Filets are the rarest of the three, and require a decent pole and bait to get. The Uncommon rarity fish have a chance to drop tender filets, as well as firm ones, but the odds of the Tender version seem to be lower. These tier 3 ingredients are some of the best for cooking in the game, and are used for tier 3 cooking station recipes.

Tender Fish Filets might come from PaddlefishSpeartooth Shark, or Swordfish.

Where to get Fish Roe

Fish Roe is one of the more expensive ingredients you get from salvaging fish. You’ll also want to loot Woodlouse Bait or Firefly Bait to increase your chances of finding higher-quality fish. These blue tier fish can be hard to find, so just keep searching. This item is used in some of the best cooking recipes, like Caviar Crostini.

Fish Roe comes from Sturgeon, Paddlefish and Rare fish

Where to get Fish Oil

Fish Oil is a valuable ingredient that you’ll want to acquire in New World to make cooking oil. This vital ingredient is a very useful item for higher-level cooks, and you’re going to need a lot of it. Thankfully, it’s only a T1 ingredient, so it’s very easy to get your hands on.

Fish Oil comes from Sturgeon, Swordfish and any Common or Uncommon fish.

You can, of course, buy any variety of the three fish filets and other items via the trade house. This assumes that another player has placed some for sale. Eventually, the prices will stabilize, but right now pricing is all over the place for basic materials. Players who put the time into leveling and finding resources can make bank, though.

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