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Metal Gear Solid V, Resident Evil 4 and more coming to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Late July 2019 New Games

Xbox Game Pass and its sister services Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have exploded in popularity these last couple of months since the latter was revealed at E3 2019. Xbox Live added millions of new users this trimester, largely off of the back of this growth, and Microsoft looks to be working to retain some of those users with more new games. This is in addition to the titles added earlier this month.

There’s actually a bunch more new additions headed to the Game Pass lineup in July 2019, so let’s not waste any time and dig right in.

First up is the batch of titles dropping on July 17th and 18th respectively.  Night Call, an indie investigation where you play as a taxi driver caught in a web of murder, mystery and conspiracy is up first on the 17th.

On the 18th we’ll see two games,  Hideo Kojima’s most recent MGS game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be joined by the excellent strategy RPG The Banner Saga 3. These two alone are wonderful additions offering their own appealing elements to fans of the genres or franchises they belong to. But that’s not all Microsoft has in store for us with Game Pass.

July 25th will see the inclusion of three more gaming titles, across some really interesting and varied choices. The first is Resident Evil 4, what many would consider the best in the franchise that sees Leon Kennedy rescuing the daughter of the US President from a doomsday cult in a remote village infested by monsters. The GameCube/PS2 classic came to define an entire generation of gamers, and for good reason. This shooter and zombie-survival mix will be joined by Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition.

Killer Instinct Definitive Edition is the end-all-be-all version of the indie fighting game, offering all the characters, stages and other bells and whistles all in one package. That’s 26 characters in all across all three seasons of content for the game.

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The final game is tabletop-inspired RPG For The King. A cartoonish title that’s been in Early Access for a fair bit before finally coming out last year. The game takes a simple-looking style and blends it with a story-driven adventure governed by roguelike gameplay. Plenty of murderous fun to be had.

This all comes in addition to the more than 200 titles featured on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, offering discounts on all of these games also sweetens the pot a fair bit. So if you’re mot onboard already, perhaps these new games will entice you.

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