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Being a hit new card game on PC, Inscryption has a ton of players asking questions. The bizarrely homely vibe mixed with a ton of horrifying world-building is quite the contrast. You might think you’re just playing a card game, but there’s a whole subtext of adventure going on here. As you explore, you will uncover and challenge various threats.

And with those threats, you need tools to beat them. Sometimes though, things are tougher than they seem. The boons in Inscryption are a good way to power up your deck to overcome these foes.

What are Boons

Boons are powerful effects the player can acquire throughout Act 1. Boons can have multiple effects—with Leshy’s boons being some of the best in the game. You can draw multiple cards, apply in-battle buffs, and more.

There are two different ways to get boons throughout the course of the game. Encounters with the Bone Lord is the first method. These random events will see players choose a boon that applies to cards for a nice power boost.

Leshy is the other method you can use. Ahead of fighting this boss, you will undergo three trials. Completing each trial will give you a boon in Inscryption. This happens near the end of Act 1, and is one of the primary ways you can get boons in the game.

How to beat Leshy

Leshy has three phases, and you have a pretty hard time limit on this fight. The key to beating him is in timing and prep. There are certain ways you can prepare for bosses, mostly by focusing on getting better cards and other upgrades.

Visiting campfires is key. Make sure to improve cards when you have the chance.  Simultaneously, look for opportunities to boost the power of your cards with additional sigils, health, and attack power by stopping at the Sacrificial Alters as well. There are some other methods you can use to get boosts for your cards.

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Always try to overkill an enemy. Overkilling gives you extra golden teeth, a currency that allows you to purchase pelts from the trapper. Keep your eye on what cards become available as well, having a diagonal attack for board clear is great for some fights with lots of adds. The biggest thing for the latter two phases is having as many cards with more than four attack and health as possible. Having cards with 9+ in either stat is super helpful for tanking the phase three attacks.

Leshy is the final boss of Act 1, and will have a slew of cards at his disposal. Here are some tips on how to handle each phase.

The first phase is a simple fight, and as long as you have flying sigils to bypass his mole attacks, you can defend pretty easily. Bifurcation sigils are handy for attacking around his defenses as well. Whittle his life pool down to trigger phase two.

Leshy resets his life pool for phase two, and has more lethal combos. The crux of his attacks and defense in this section are Deathcards with randomized attack and health values. Always focus fire on the death cards to prevent them from triggering the win state for the boss.

The final phase is very different. A new Moon card shows up, and takes over the board. This card has 40 health and 1 attack. It will hit all four of your board slots four times per round.  If you have two empty slots when the moon attacks, you will lose instantly. Always have your board filled with the strongest cards you can muster. Keep swinging and brute force your way through the third phase to beat Leshy.

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