All September Mega Evolution-themed event dates and times in Pokémon Go

All September Mega Evolution-themed event dates and times in Pokémon Go

With the introduction of the new Mega Evolution mechanic, Pokémon Go is getting much more competitive. The new system will allow Trainers to take part in new Mega-Raids, much more powerful foes, to earn various rewards. Players can also superpower their monsters through the system in battle. There’s a bit of a tactical layer to timing your Mega-Evolution as well. Niantic is celebrating the arrival of Mega Evolution by filling September with various Mega Evolution-themed events.

There are three events trainers can participate in throughout September involving Mega Evolutions. Niantic could also announce more, and we can safely bet more will happen in 2020.

  • September 1 to September 7 is all about Mega Raids – The goal of this Mega Evolution-themed event is to take on the new Mega-Raids. Not only will players earn the Mega Candy they need for the mechanic, but they can also get other powerful rewards. Gather your Mega Energy and get ready to brawl.
  • September 11 to September 17 is all about battling with Mega Evolutions – Take your Mega-Evolved monsters into battle with Gyms, Trainers, against TEam Rocket and so much more. Expect goals for completing a certain number of fights with Mega Evolutions activated.
  • September 22 to September 28 is all about showing off your Mega Pokémon – You can use the Snapshot feature to show off your evolved friends on social media, earning rewards along the way.
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These events are still somewhat vague, as we don’t know what the exact goals are, or what the rewards will be for competing. Niantic will likely keep those details under wraps for some time though, expect a few teases over the next couple of weeks though. If any new events are announced, we will be sure to update the guide with more details and dates.

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