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EVE Online teaser is about some new ships

After yesterday’s writeup speculating on the new possible Drifter storyline, I noticed something interesting. A new video came out today showcasing new ship models which bear some obvious significance. Youtuber Uriel Anteovnuecci broke the news with the following showcase.

You should also check out the full leak file that shows all the incoming changes that have been datamined from the test server client. New ship models based on different EVE factions, new SKINs, even some new PvE content is definitely on the way to EVE Online.

The ships bear some interesting and distinctly Amarrian markings. Even the background in the preview window is the one for Amarr Empire ships. The red power core on these new ship models is clearly the the same image from the teaser CCP released earlier in the week.

The subreddit for EVE Online is in full reckless speculation mode, redditor Nickosaurus has the scoop on some interesting fitting details for these unknown craft:

The Cruiser and the Battleship each have 3 gigantic hardpoints, likely for an unknown and important new thing – I wonder what that might be?

You can paste these into SISI’s notepad to view them yourself:

<url=showinfo:47269>Trig Small</url>

<url=showinfo:47270>Trig Medium</url>

<url=showinfo:47271>Trig Large</url>

Maybe these new ships are the results of Amarrian attempts to counter the Drifter threat? Could we see the return of Jamyl Saum I as space-Jesus? Who knows, share your thoughts.

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