SaraShawa Overview Pack v7.1 Released


Quick post, Overview pack v7.1, Tiamat update, is released. Adds drifter battleships, and fixes a bug with the PVE Mining preset. v8 will be a major release, so this is just a quick stopgap.

As always, it’s available 2 ways: in the MOTD of the channel “SaraShawa-Overview” ingame, or from the mailing list “Overview” (no quotes)

Personally, I recommend the mailing list – you’ll get direct mails on an ongoing basis when the pack is updated.

The Sarashawa Overview pack is one of the more well-known and commonly used overview setups in EVE Online. It allows for sorting of overview tabs for PvE, PvP, structures and more. It also includes standings filtering to make the process of target selection and organization in large scale fleet battles much more manageable.

You’ll wonder how you ever played without it once you use it for a few hours.

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