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Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Trailer

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Trailer

During Square Enix’s worldwide Final Fantasy XV broadcast, the company announced some more details about the upcoming DLC projects the game dev studio is working on. First we heard about the upcoming collaboration quest with Final Fantasy XIV featuring Garuda.

This new piece of story-based DLC was supposed to be part of a new set of four DLC episodes that explored new aspects of the, but the other three have since been cancelled by Square Enix. The other three episodes, centered around Noctis, Aranea and Lunafreya have been scrapped with the departure of game director Hajime Tabata from Square Enix. The director is leaving the company to start a new game development studio and focus on other projects.

In terms of story, Episode Ardyn will serve as the final piece of connecting tissue as a prologue to the main game. The story will focus on telling what led Ardyn to his ultimate fate as the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV. The teaser is pretty bare, but those who’ve played the game can probably guess what story elements will be featured in this DLC.

This DLC is expected to land in March 2019, and will be the last piece of major DLC for the base game. Square Enix also announced that the standalone Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades will launch on December 12 for PS4 and Xbox One. So there’s that to look forward to at least.

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The trailer for this new episode of DLC is down below, and it looks pretty cool. You can check out the full livestream below. If you still haven’t picked up Final Fantasy XV, which is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, you can still do so on Amazon.

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