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The Discourse – CONCORD Commandos Seize Evidence From Capsuleer Transport

The Discourse SARO

YULAI – Capsuleers have been reporting extraordinary measures being taken by CONCORD in the aftermath of an attack on a science mission in Luminaire a little under a week ago. The Scope’s Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has obtained a report from “The Discourse” capsuleer news broadcast by ARC Studios.

The Discourse alleges a disturbing attack and assault on a ship piloted by capsuleer Lara Edios of Phoenix Naval Systems. The claim is that “SARO commandos” boarded the PNS vessel and seized the corpse of the alleged 25ers terrorist known as “The Astromancer”. The Galactic Hour has not been able to obtain comment from DED officials on these extraorinary claims.

Since CCP downsized much of their workforce, a lot of aspects of EVE Online community interaction between the developer and the player have seemingly fallen by the wayside. While CCP still produces some video content, such as the “In Development” monthly updates, older series have been left to lie fallow.

One such beloved series is the in-universe lore series known as The Scope.

But fear not capsuleers, the EVE Online community has made some efforts to pick up the slack. One such groups of players run a YouTube channel called ARC Studios, they produce a close approximation of The Scope called “The Discourse”.

Their most recent video details a recent lore event surrounding the increasingly violent Drifters. An alleged attack on a capsuleer transport by CONCORD-backed commandos was carried out in response to an attempted assassination by extremist groups earlier in the year.

CONCORD’s Special Affairs for Regulations & Order Unit exercises extreme force to seize evidence from Phoenix Naval Systems in Colelie, taking the body of “The Astromancer” who attempted to assasinate Project Discovery’s Dr. Holnar Reniret.

Voices: Elinari Rhodan, Cyrillian Voth, Lasairiona Raske
Title Animation: Corrin Mor
Graphic assets: Noene Drops
Writing: Makoto Priano
Animation: Jaret Victorian
Guest Actors: Phoenix Naval Systems, Arataka Research Consortium

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