Null Sec Sov Fights

HERO Retakes U-Q, and other SOV News


We start off by visiting HED-GP where Pandemic Legion had some POSes (player-owned starbase) fights. A full battle report is available by clicking here.

As we can see HERO Coalition (Hopefully Effective Rookie Organization) had a Tengu/Eagle fleet lead by Blue Ice (29 Tengus, 56 Eagles, 16 Scimitars, and 14 Scythes), a TEST Ishtar gang (16 Ishtars), a bomber fleet (16 bombers), and an EWAR/tackle fleet (+120 Frigates/Interceptors including 62 Maulus). Around 267 pilots.
Pandemic Legion brought a Tengu fleet (55 Tengus, 21 Scimitars, and 4 Chimeras as support). Approximately 100 pilots.

Video of the fight from a HERO POV:

Pandemic Legion logi’s died quickly as we can see in the video (even losing a Chimera) obliging PL’s pricy Tengus to bail and leave the system (10.2 billion in losses including 20 Scimitars, 1 Chimera, and 2 Tengus). HERO in the battle lost 9 Eagles, 3 Ishtars, 4 Scimitars, 6 Scythes, and 52 frigates (5.2 billion in total). HERO then killed the three PL POSes and reinforced two others without issue.

* During the night HERO managed to kill the Pandemic Legion TCU in U-QVWD within Catch causing PL to lose sov of the system. It is suspected that PL didn’t put up an IHUB in this system.

* It seems that Northern Coalition is letting HERO gain their Catch sov after losing HP-64T (gained by Bloodline). It’s the system of 3-SFWG which dropped NC sov. The TCU kill can be found by clicking here. Hmm, are those two Nyx’s on it from The Explicit Alliance? Confirmed.

* Important incoming timers for HERO Coalition:
– HED-GP POS (Pandemic Legion / large / planet 4 moon 2) 12/25/14 07:27

– HED-GP POS (Pandemic Legion / large / plant 5 moon 1) 12/25/14 11:26

So far, four PL POSes have been killed in HED-GP and two are in reinforcement.

We have divided the wars up into three regions:
North (Venal/Deklein/Geminate)

West (Fountain/Delve/Querious)

The Southeast (Catch/Esoteria/Curse and related)

North wars:

* Goonswarm Federation update can be found here. Mainly propaganda of how they have done well against Northern Coalition, Black Legion, and Triumvirate (which is true). The only interesting intel is that EV0KE (640 pilots) is going south in the Tenerifis region and become allied to Northern Coalition according to Eveskunk (renters have to leave their systems).

* Triumvirate is starting to lose corporations: Gate is Red and Snails and Frogs have left the alliance so far (-176 pilots).

West wars:

* Fountain still has some ongoing skirmishes from time to time between Northern Coalition/DARKESHI and CFC local alliances (Fatal Ascension and Get Off My Lawn).

BR of the fight

From this battle battle NC/DARKESHI lost a good chunk of their Tempest fleet (25 down from the 64 they had) and almost half of their Ishtars (30 down from the 66 they had) for a total of 28.8 billion in losses while the CFC lost only about 10 billion (compromising of some Dominix’s and Navy Apocalypses). After this, the CFC was occupied with reinforcing Northern Coalition and allied POSes which you can see by clicking here.

Southeast Wars:

* Cult of War (Northern Coalition allied) is failcascading with the loss of over 600+ pilots in a few days.

* Stainwagon and Nulli Secunda/Caladrius Alliance/Fraternity are exchanging POSes in Esoteria as you can see here.

* Black Legion got some SOV in Wicked Creek and Insmother (ex Unthinkables systems). Those systems are SR-4EK, G9NE-B, C0O6-K, L-Z9KJ, and GDHN-K (Insmother).

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