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Epic announces new batch of indie exclusives at PAX West

Epic Games Store

During PAX West 2019, a whole cadre of developers and publishers were on hand to show off their games, with one of the many great companies being Epic, the team behind the battle royale titan Fortnite, and the much more controversial Epic Games Store. While some gamers don’t want anything to do with Epic due to their perception of Epic’s exclusivity deals, it hasn’t stopped the company from pushing for more and more deals with different companies concerning their games.

And now, Epic took some time during the PAX festivities to highlight some of the wonderful and creative games that they’ve managed to get onto their growing platform. A bunch of new and returning independent titles will be moving to the Epic store over the next few months, and it seems like a nice gesture to spotlight some of them.

Ooblets, a game we covered previously after their initial announcement caused controversy, is back again to strut their stuff. The game blends a variety of genre elements from games such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon that creates a unique and festive experience built around just making it through the daily grind of living in a cartoonish world. And if you’re looking for more survivally elements, Airborne Kingdom is another option. Gather resources from across the world of this idyllic little building sim.

Superliminal is another title on the docket, offering fun puzzle-solving and brain-bending challenges. Pillow Castle Games has crafted a wonderfully instructive and insightful journey through the nature of perspective and perception. Playing through it is sure to twist your viewpoints in some surprising ways, it’s nice to see it getting some increased exposure for these elements, as I quite enjoy deeper gameplay experiences.

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See the full segment via Epic in the video down below. There’s many more games than the ones mentioned above, check them out.

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