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When does Sea of Thieves Season 2 Start?

Sea of Thieves Season 2

Sea of Thieves has been a huge success for the developer, Rare. The revitalization project of the game that coalesced into the Plunder Pass and other new additions has only made things better too. And as always, there are skeletons and sea monsters to fight all over the place. The developers have done a great job adding new content to the game, and much more is coming on the horizon.

The newest season of the game will build on that. Alongside all the new gameplay content coming in Sea of Thieves Season 2, there will be new cosmetic items as well. A lot of this will be locked into the new Plunder Pass, which will be activated in Season 2. 100 levels will be seen within the battle pass, encouraging players to put a lot of time into the game.

When does Sea of Thieves Season 2 start?

Season 2 of Sea of Thieves is scheduled to launch on April 15, and that counts for both the PC and console versions. When that happens, all the new content will be unlocked and players can dig in. The unlock time will likely be around 5:00 AM Eastern time, 10:00 AM British Summer time. This assumes that the team will use the same setup from last season.

Rare will be putting a lot effort into the game on Xbox One and PC, so be sure to enjoy it. Set sail and find that new treasure. Season One added new Curse mechanics and a bunch of Trials to complete, and it’s likely that this season will follow a similar path.

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