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Bloober Team reveals The Medium story

The Medium debuts new story trailer

Bloober Team has announced a bunch of new details about their mysterious and mystical new adventure, The Medium. The story details how about interdimensional exploration in Bloober Team’s next big horror title. Fans of their previous games are getting some new twists.

The approach of the “walking simulator” for their previous games may come back, with a new hero that’s dealing with the trauma of what they’ve witnessed. The game centers around the idea of hopping through realities and it looks pretty smooth. Some entity has been haunting and hunting the main character for years, and it may be closer than she realizes. We see echoes of this setup in the trailer, and it looks really intriguing.

Marianne will have to grapple with this terrifying entity over the course of the game, and it apparently has the ability to warp reality around its prey. But just what is this old enemy?

This new game features a rather terrifying entity known as The Maw. The Maw is some kind of ambiguous allusion to the Cthulhu mythos in some ways, and a unique creation in others. Bloober Team has become very much well-known for horror games and psychological tales like  Layers of Fear. So bringing in more layers that explore deeper and darker themes is very fitting. The entity is also voiced by legendary VA Troy Baker, who has become known for putting incredible passion and life into the characters he plays. It will be interesting to see how he handles such a unique role as a nightmarish antagonist.

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Check out said trailer below.

Bloober Team has not yet revealed the release date for their new title yet. However, they had given a vague release window of Holiday 2020, suggesting that they may be aiming to hit a release around the launch of the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles. We will just have to wait until we hear more.

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