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New video shows Dying Light 2 looking great on older consoles

Dying Light 2 older-gen gameplay

Techland has shared a bunch of details about their new game, Dying Light 2. Specifically, there’s a new gameplay trailer showing off the port for the PS4 and Xbox One. Since the game has a ton of content, there were concerns about being able to render this huge open world. Some folks were also concerned about what content had been stripped out. This new trailer shows off a fair bit of what you can get in the visually scaled-back port.

Not only did we get a visual preview, but gameplay was revealed a bit if you look hard enough. The video compares and contrasts the parkour scene with the base PS4 and the base Xbox One. There’s also a bit of coverage of the enemies found in-game. The reveal did share a few things about the game, like that the number of zombies is reduced. There won’t be massive hordes on PS4 and Xbox One versions of Dying Light 2. That doesn’t mean that major sacrifices have been made in gameplay or difficulty. These console ports will still be putting tons of zombies in front of the player. Some folks were concerned with the quality of graphics and environments. Based on the footage the game still looks great, and that’s great news for fans.

Check out the trailer down below.

The Dying Light Twitter revealed more about the footage, showing it was captured right off the older consoles like the Xbox One. Some fans were criticizing the footage for not showing hordes of zombies, suggesting the hardware couldn’t handle rendering a bunch of enemies. The account points out that the older versions will still handle tons of zombies pretty well. “we don’t have hundreds of infected on the screen at the same time, but even when you’re overwhelmed with enemies last gen is handling it pretty well,” said the post.

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