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Star Citizen Could Get Another Carrier; Attains 171 Million Dollars in Funding

Star Citizen Carrier

People love carriers in space, hordes of fighters swarming over enemy ships and ripping them to shreds is a dream for a lot of gamers. From EVE Online to Star Citizen, people chase that dream. Well it looks like CIG have announced the potential for a new Carrier to be added to Star Citizen. The only other carrier option in Star Citizen currently is the Bengal.

The in-game ship manufacturer Drake could be the name behind this new addition.

Voted by users during the livestream embedded at the bottom of the post, the “Kraken” left behind less popular options, a Starlifter and a super-fast Storage runner.

That being said, while the Starlifter option was ultimately discarded, the developers did say the new ship could transport multiple land vehicles as big as an Ursa Rover or a Tumbril Cyclone, or one bigger vehicle, teasing the possibility that larger land vehicles could be introduced in future updates.

Yet, the carrier isn’t the only option. Players are actually required to vote for what they want from Drake. The other options are an entry-level salvage ship called “Vulture” and a Constellation competitor (basically a multi-crew exploration ship) named “Corsair.” Voting will be open until December 11th.

This ship will likely be a scout carrier variant. Rather than a heavily-armed military capital ship, the new Drake carrier will trade off heavy armament in favor of more launch bays for fighters, bombers and land vehicles. It’s reasonable to assume that this new hull class will act as support for a larger capital fleet rather than a mainline attack ship. This is in direct contrast to the Bengal which acts as a flagship of sorts for some UEE fleets.

Star Citizen has been incredibly successful at raising funds these last few months. Surpassing $171 million in overall funding. This meteoric rise in support is thanks in part to new methods of monetization by CIG, like selling planetary land claims for real cash. Although the recent Anniversary sale that offers great discounts on a variety of ships certainly helped as well.

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