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New Modular Hulls For Star Citizen Released


Fulfilling it’s $65 Million stretch goal, a set of modular ship hulls are now on sale for Star Citizen.  The MISC class hulls A through E cover a variety of roles and price points for players of Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen.  The MISC Hull series, ranges from the creatively-named and diminutive Hull A up to the massive Hull E, are intended as dedicated cargo vessels.

These hulls range in price from $60 to $550, with the ships modular fittings, they can be used to turn cargo-centric vessels into comparable equivalents to starter vessels.  Although no details have been release on how modular fittings will work.  The developer post about these new hulls contains some quite ambitious ideas for features that could be implemented in the future.

In contrast to the Aurora or other ‘entry-level’ options, the Hull A is described as a dedicated transport, excelling in moving goods between points at the cost of weapons and speed. The Hull B is compared to the Freelancer, with the official description again noting that the B will be less-suited for non-transport roles.  So if life as a space trucker interests you, give the post a read over on the RSI site.

At the time of publishing, over $540,000 US has been raised since the start of the sale, up from approximately $22,000 on the previous week.  This brings the total raised past $80 million overall.


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