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Rainbow Six Siege drops Starter Edition, reduces prices for all editions

Rainbow Six Siege

Ahead of the launch of the fourth year of post-launch content in Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has made things much easier for new players to understand, at least in terms of which version of the shooter to pick up.

Prior to this change, Rainbow Six Siege had a variety of different editions, each priced at different levels, and each with their own associated content. Gamers looking to get into the game could pick from a free version, as well as a handful of paid versions going all the way to the classy-AF Ultimate Edition.

But with this new content plan, Ubisoft is changing things for the better. The Free Edition is going away entirely, but all of the paid versions are getting a permanent price cut to compensate. The Starter Edition, a PC exclusive launched in 2017 retailed for $15, but had higher Operator costs attached to compensate for the lower price. Ubisoft is 86-ing that and replacing it with the Standard Edition, with a discount down to $20, and no increased Operator costs. Although some of these Legacy Operators will have a Renown cost to unlock.

If you previously owned the Starter Edition, you’re getting a free upgrade to the Standard on PC.

Then there’s the other editions, each with their own content additions and lowered prices.

The Deluxe Edition, priced at $30, comes with the Legacy operators, as well as all eight Year 1 operators that were pushed out post-launch.

The Gold Edition is the next version, priced at $60. This version includes all the Deluxe Edition content, as well as the Season Pass for all of the Year 4 content which is soon to be released. The most expensive is the Ultimate Edition, priced at $100. It comes with all previously released operators (Year 1, 2, and 3) as well as the Year 4 Season Pass.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the trailer for the 4th year of content for the game down below.

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