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Path of Exile celebrates it’s fifth anniversary


Path of Exile has been a long-running fixture in the space of Action-RPGs. Ever since it’s inception as a basic alpha version in 2013, the game has grown to insane heights of quality and popularity in the last five years. There have been whopping 16 expansions to the game in that time, with the most recent being the massive overhaul of the end-game in Delve League.

Grinding Gear Games has grown in that time as well, now having more than 100 employees, all from a simple team of less than two dozen. The company has developed a consistent reputation among POE players and fans as delivering consistent quality content and always being willing to put feedback from players into practice.

Path of Exile is a community. This collection of people who come together to play Path of Exile as their pastime form a community. As you share ideas, thoughts, triumphs, and losses, you form a unique group that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Like any community, it always shows you a reflection of yourself. Whatever excites, challenges or stirs you in any way shows you who you are. Communities are a source of growth. It has been remarkable to watch as friendships form over time and ideas or resources come together as a collective.

It’s that same mentality of building a strong community that’s core to the last five years for Grinding Gear Games, and they’re sharing this sentimental moment with gamers.

Via a nice letter to fans, GGG did a nice little victory lap while patting everyone on the back, it’s a nice and emotional letter that every Path of Exile fan should take a moment to read.

On a less sentimental note, the company is already preparing for the future. The Delve League supporter packs are going away soon. Any players who still want to grab any of the Delve supporter packs should do so within the next three weeks. There are four supporter packs available — two for $30 US and two for $60 — each of which contains its own array of contents, from cosmetics to forum badges, all of which are unique to these packs.

In about three weeks The next Path of Exile expansion will be announced. Speculation is rampant as to what POE 3.5 contains. Although some statements by Chris Wilson have revealed that the Forsaken Masters are getting worked on. There’s probably going to be more, but we’re going to have to wait to learn more.

If you’re a new player and want to get ready for the upcoming patch, check out some of our POE guides. There’s a guide for end-game mapping. There’s also a new players guide. If you’re still playing Delve League, check out our guide for that.

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