How to create a group in Riders Republic

How to create a group in Riders Republic

Being a massive online game with up to 60 players per map, there’s a lot to do. With so many players, and so many crazy events, there’s never a shortage of pals to goof off with. But sometimes you might want to stick together, that’s where groups come in. When you create a group in Riders Republic, you get a few bonuses. The biggest thing is that it makes it easier to join the same events together. This is really handy on maps with lots of players.

Go into the Pause menu, and scroll over to the Social tab. Here is where you can make groups. You can also manage an existing group from here. In the Social menu, you’ll be presented with a few options. You can see the players in your current session, but can also create a group in Riders Republic.

Once you have made the group, you’re good to go. You will now stay in the sessions together, being able to better coordinate your movements and make the competition more fun.

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Or maybe you just want to chill with your pals. Maybe try taking some sick photos together. You can use photo mode in Riders Republic to get a sweet shot of that new trick, or that beautiful vista. Use it however you want. Maybe try capturing some awesome Mass Event win. You could also play in Zen Mode and get some really awesome scenic views.

You can also create custom sessions and spawn in with just your friends. You can invite multiple friends to your session, once you make it. You can also invite someone to be friends by approaching them and pressing the D-pad when the notification appears on their character. If they accept your request, you can more easily game together in the future.

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