How to create Custom Events in Riders Republic

How to create a group in Riders Republic

Being a massive online game with up to 60 players per map, there’s a lot to do. But eventually, you will need some new events. Riders Republic may have tons of races and trick events to do, but there’s a huge community focus in this game. The game is in pre-season right now, so more content is due to be added over the coming months.

So it’s pretty easy to do. To create a Custom Event, you will want to press Left on the D-Pad on your controller. This will bring up the actions wheel, which you will see a few different options on. The right-hand one is the custom events tool. This will allow you to draw a path in real-time.

What is a Custom Event?

It’s basically a miniature map creation tool within the main game. If you want to hang out and compete with just your friends, try making custom events in Riders Republic and goofing around.

The way the tool wheel works is that you turn it on, then start moving. As you ride or fly for at least 30 seconds, a trail will be left behind you. As you continue to move around, the trail should follow you. Swapping between different career modes should transfer over as well. So if you want a moment where you swap from a bike to a wingsuit, you can do that by timing it right.

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Once you’ve drawn your path and completed it, the game will automatically place checkpoints. You can use the tools to stitch these together to create a full event. You can then choose to save the finished event and upload it to the community. To  browse custom events, you’ll first need to visit the Creation Center from the main menu.

Or maybe you just want to chill with your pals. Maybe try taking some sick photos together. You can use photo mode in Riders Republic to get a sweet shot of that new trick, or that beautiful vista. Use it however you want. Maybe try capturing some awesome Mass Event win. You could also play in Zen Mode and get some really awesome scenic views.

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