How to use photo mode in Riders Republic

Riders Republic

The online multiplayer festival of madness and extreme sports, Riders Republic, is out. Riders Republic being a more open online experience means players are encouraged to take part in in-game events. You will zip, ski and fly your way across a massive in-game world, with a single goal in mind. You’re out to prove who is the best in many extreme sports. Expect death-deyfing stunts to be common in this video game. And if you want to capture these amazing moments, there’s a photo mode in Riders Republic.

To launch the photo mode in Riders Republic, you’ll first need to bring up the Tools Wheel. On console, the Tools Wheel is mapped to the left D-Pad button by default. The photo mode is locked by in-game progression, so if it’s greyed-out, try playing through the career mode a bit more. It should unlock eventually. Also, the game disables it sometimes for various technical reasons. If you go from being able to use it, to not having access, that might be why.

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You can use photo mode in Riders Republic to get a sweet shot of that new trick, or that beautiful vista. Use it however you want. Maybe try capturing some awesome Mass Event win. You could also play in Zen Mode and get some really awesome scenic views.

Players can apply various filters and even change the weather effects of their scenes. You will be able to alter the time of day as well, mostly to change lighting conditions.

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