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How to reserve a username for Valorant

Valorant Release Date

Riot Games has been pimping Valorant, their new 5v5 shooter for the last few weeks, revealing plenty of interesting news. We know that the game is due to launch this Summer, barring major delays. We know that it will have a unique roster of powerful heroes with their own unique abilities. And we know that the game will have a series of dangerous weapons to blast the competition away with. Despite all of this news though, people have questions, like how do you reserve a username?

The process is simple, or mostly so, as you will essentially be using your Riot ID in this new game, just like any other titles from the company. If you don’t have one and want to set one up, it’s pretty easy. Start by going to Riot Games’ League of Legends website. This is where you’re going to create the account you’re going to need to reserve your username for Valorant.

First and foremost, provide a valid email address, your birthday, and finally, a username and password. it’s worth noting that the username in this case is not the same as your Riot ID. Once you’ve created a Riot Games account, now it’s time to create your actual Valorant ID.

Once signed in, click “My Account” in the top-right corner and choose “Settings” within the drop-down menu. The resulting account page that opens is your next step, then click “Riot ID” in the left-hand column. The little edit button in the middle of the screen is your goal. Click this button to create a new Riot ID. This is the identifier that will show up in all of your games, so make it snappy and memorable, and probably easy to say phonetically if you’re inclined to using voice chat for your games.

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This Riot ID and hashtag combo will be what is used across all Riot titles, including Valorant, when it launches.

A quick note about the hashtag you will also create during this step, it stays hidden in most cases, and is only seen by the folks on your friends list.

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