What is Zen Mode in Riders Republic?

Riders Republic

Riders Republic being a more open online experience means players are encouraged to take part in in-game events. The game is built around these events. You have to choices for how to play the game though. Riders Republic is a game with online multiplayer gameplay in mind, especially when so much of the game is built around racing your pals.

But what if you don’t have a stable internet connection? What if you just want to play offline? There’s a way to do just that.

What is Zen Mode in Riders Republic?

Zen Mode in Riders Republic is a very basic alteration to the core game. You will essentially be disconnected from the online servers, and be playing offline. All the normal content will still be there, though, you’re not losing anything really. The only thing that’s turned off is multiplayer and the online events. The biggest downside to this mode is that progression is tracked by the server, so playing in Zen mode won’t allow you to unlock new modes or sports.

In Zen mode, the entire map will be usable and players can helicopter drop to any point which makes getting around very easy. You can access all parts of the map, and you have access to all the different kinds of sports.

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In essence, it’s a way to enjoy Riders Republic without the need for an internet connection. So if you just want to explore, you can use Zen Mode to fly, ski, or bike across the entire map in peace. You could also use this opportunity to practice without the need for competition, and the added pressure. That way, you don’t have 60 other players racing around you all the time.

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