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First DLC for Cooking Simulator announced, Food Network

Cooking Simulator Announced

Cooking Simulator released on June 6th this year is a game combining a much more realistic cooking experience by combining hilarious physics modeling with a rather complex web of recipes and ingredients. In a fully stocked kitchen loaded with ingredients, players select a recipe to cook, with a wide array of available dishes, and take the cooking through every single step from slicing and other prep work to the final cooking procedure. It’s all wild fun too, as the game offers plenty of opportunity for chaos.

And with the launch of the newest DLC, the game is about to get a lot more complex and competitive. Players will enter into a food arena taken right out of Iron Chef to compete to create the best versions of a given dish. Each round of the new mode being added is scored based on complexity and adherence to the rules, and watch out, because the rules are very likely to change multiple times.

The patches due as part of this DLC are part of a series of updates that aim to do one thing, make you feel like a TV chef. The team behind the excellently chaotic cooking sim is partnering with the Food Network to produce a fully branded DLC package. Players will be able to prepare over 80 dishes using more than 140 ingredients. Cooking with Food Network is going to add 16 more products and 30 recipes inspired by TV shows like The Kitchen or Barefoot Contessa. The Food Network DLC even includes a fully realized TV set styled like a premium kitchen.

In a recent livestream, the developer behind Big Cheese Studio talked about their plans for the future of the game. including upcoming DLC. The developer is also working on various seasonal events for the game too, each offering new ingredients and themed dishes to screw around with.

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