How to quickly kill 500 enemies with an Archgun in Warframe – Heavy Ordnance

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With the debut of the Series 3 of Nightwave, and its mess of new challenges, there are a bunch of new tasks for Warframe players to take on. Heavy Ordnance is one of these new challenges. This particular challenge asks players to blast away 500 enemies with the Fortuna gear known as the Archgun. This massive gun is unlocked by reaching certain ranks with the Solaris United faction and taking on the Profit Taker Heists.

Once you have the Archgun though, it’s time to get started. So make like Frank and start blasting. And sure, you could just take the Archgun out on each mission that you play and farm the 500 kills you need for the Heavy Ordnance challenge in pretty short order. But if you’re one of those players that like to complete missions specifically for the task, here’s how to complete the Heavy Ordnance challenge the fastest.

Survival and Defense mission types are the best for this. So take your Archgun out on one of these missions and start blasting foes away. You will need to do multiple runs to get to the 500 mark, so it’s going to take a while.

Some Arhcguns are better than others as well. With some archguns like Fluctus having a wide berth to their shots. This makes closed in but wider corridors where you can funnel enemies a little easier to deal with when running the Heavy Ordnance challenge a blessing. Cameria, the Survival node on Jupiter, is one such spot where this approach works wonders.

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Building up groups of enemies by running back and forth through the corridors will allow quite the tide to build up around you. Just turn around once you have this tidal wave of Infested behind you and unleash hell. This should easily take out dozens each time you do it.

Fluctus is the ideal weapon here, so you will want to build that if you don’t have it. You will need 3,000 Research in the Tenno Lab to unlock it. You can buy the blueprints via various factions, but it’s a long grind to unlock it. Steel Meridian needs Defender and 20,000 Standing for the Stock. Cephalon Suda wants Intelligent and 20,000 Standing for the Barrel. Red Veil wants Esteemed and 20,000 Standing for the Limbs.

If you want to bypass all of that, you can buy the three blueprints from the market for about 30 Platinum and you only need to be MR 2 to build and use Fluctus.

Other weapons can work, but you will need to augment them with plenty of damage and any mods that spread out the effective area of the shot to make it so that a single shot hits as many targets as possible.

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