How to Tame Wildlife in Fortnite

How to Tame Wildlife in Fortnite

Battle Royale games like Fortnite love their addon mechanics. Previous seasons have added crafting and tons of exploration to get around. Players have even been part of a big bounty hunt in previous seasons. The new Season 6 launch has added even more nonsense to the pile. Now, hunting and making big guns are the focus in Season 6. The NPCs are back in force again as well.

Those same NPCs want you to head out and take on some vicious new wildlife for some challenges. You can make the wildlife less dangerous by taming it. That means hunting down a bunch of different beasts. The process is simpler than you might think, Here’s how to tame wildlife in Fortnite.

As of now, there are three types of animals roaming around the island in Season 6:wolves, boars, and chickens. You can tame them in all pretty much the same manner. Since wildlife is a bit random and has no set spawn location, there’s a bit of luck involved in finding them. Be aware that they make noises, so listen for those howls when hunting down wolves.  Once you do, here’s what to do with them.

How to Tame Wildlife in Fortnite

If you have played the likes of Minecraft, taming a wolf works very similarly in Fortnite.  You just need to find the beast first. When you do find a wolf, you will want to bait it with meat from hunting other animals. THat means you first need to hunt down and shoot a boar or chicken for some meat. Once you have that, find the wolf. When you do find it, approach stealthily and drop the meat nearby. When it comes over to eat the meat, run up and interact with the wolf to tame it. The beast will not fight alongside you.

Boars are tamed in very much the same manner, but they don’t eat meat. Instead, you need to head out to any vegetable patch or farm in the game and grab some fruits or veggies. Take them to the spots where Boar spawn, and then bait them out. Once they’re pigging out, run up and tame them. The best areas to land to collect fruits and vegetables are The Orchard, Colossal Crops, and Steel Farm.

Chickens are more of a utility item than a pet though, so don’t expect to tame them. You can chase down a chicken that you find and then pick them up. Just be quick, as they like to run away. The use for this is that if ou jump from a high place while holding a chicken, you’ll start flying. Keeping a chicken in your inventory can be useful for this reason.

A variety of other challenges exist around this mechanic and similar ones in Season 6. Some weekly challenges are centered around finding and buying weapons and gear from these NPCs. There are also crafting challenges like the Hunter’s Cloak. The cloak can be really useful for hunting down meat, so keep that in mind.

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