Destiny 2 The Forward Path Guide – How to Get The Forward Path & the God Roll

Destiny 2 The Forward Path Guide – How to Get The Forward Path

The Iron Banner has returned to Destiny 2 for the Season of Arrivals. The leadup to the DArkness return has a lot of players back grinding for gear, and the Iron Banner content is no different. There’s a new Auto Rifle and Sidearem that you can earn via this quest, the Fool’s Remedy sidearm and The Forward Path auto rifle. These two are also available via other sources, but you can get a free roll, so why not.

The Impact of the weapon is kind of weak, making it a weapon more suited to saturation or suppressing fire. Other stats are rather good though. The Stability, in particular, is pretty useful when applying fire with good accuracy. The Perks that roll on the weapon are what you’re really chasing though, so it’s time to get farming.

Best General Perks for The Forward Path

  • Dynamic Sway Reduction – Good for any build, helps improve accuracy.
  • Iron Gaze – Solid boost to aiming stability, comes at the cost of reload speed, so somewhat situational.

Best PvE Perks for The Forward Path

  • Tactical Mag or Appended Mag
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Multikill Clip

Best PvP Perks for The Forward Path

  • Red Dot 2 MOA
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Dynamic Sway Reduction
  • Iron Gaze or Tap the Trigger

How to Get The Forward Path

You can get a free roll on the Forward Path Auto Rifle when you complete the Iron Banner quest, Old Reliables. Once the quest is completed, Saladin will give you a free The Forward Path and Fool’s Remedy, and you will also get a chance to trade in Tokens for more Iron Banner gear. It’s a pretty simple quest, as you just have to get 25 kills each with an Auto Rifle and Sidearm.

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But the real key to unlocking The Forward Path auto rifle is that Token turn-in. When you play through PvP modes via Iron Banner, you earn Iron Banner Tokens. These can then be traded to Lord Saladin for various rewards. There’s an option for trading 20 Iron Banner Tokens for an Iron Banner Engram. This Engram is how you’re going to roll for the God Roll on The Forward Path.

You just need to run Iron Banner Missions to farm the Tokens. This means you just have to complete matches in the Iron Banner playlist at any point while the event is running.

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