How to beat the darts minigame in Final Fantasy VII Remake

How to beat the darts minigame in Final Fantasy VII Remake

The darts minigame in Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of several side activities players can complete for special rewards. Check the leaderboard on the wall next to the dart board and you will see that Wedge is pretty good at the game. The goal of the darts minigame in Final Fantasy VII Remake is to use as few throws as possible to score the correct amount of points.

You will be able to play the darts minigame in Final Fantasy VII Remake while waiting for Tifa at the bar in Chapter 4, so head to the wall next to the juke box to begin. Be sure to drop a save ahead of taking this challenge on in case you screw up and need to reload.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Start with 301 points
  • Hit points on the board to score points and subtract them from your total
  • Use a few throws as possible to score 301 points

This means that to beat Wedge’s score, you need to get 301 points in seven throws or less. The best way to do this is to score triple 20s five times, and then to hit the single 1 point on the board. The triple 20 on the board is the inner-most red ring closer to the bullseye, aim there. The movement of the cursor has a slight resistance, meaning that every adjustment to your aim throws off said shot in a counterintuitive direction. The key to getting your aim locked in is to learn to adjust this aim very slightly.

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How to beat the darts minigame, plus all rewards, in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Press X to lock in a throw, two rings will appear, with the outer ring growing and shrinking. The smaller the ring (there’s a split second it freezes at the very center), the more accurate your shot will be. The ring will only shrink twice so you have a limited to throw each dart. The movements to adjust your aim are very slight, don’t slam the stick in one direction. Be sure to use both analog sticks when doing this, it makes the nodes much easier to control.

The first time you top the leaderboard, Wedge will reward you with Luck Up Materia at the end of Chapter 4. When Cloud ends up back at Seventh Heaven and Barret kicks him out of AVALANCHE, speak to Wedge to grab the Materia. Luck Up offers a higher chance of getting critical hits. This is one of the more useful Materia in the new RPG. The Summon Materias are incredibly powerful for bosses. The Barrier Materia is a good defensive option for tougher battles. And the Assess Materia is a great way to learn about the weaknesses of different enemies.

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