How to remap your controller on Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch’s update 10.0.0 launched this week and added a really cool new feature. The new firmware update adds a new “Play Activity Settings” in the console’s menu that includes some new abilities. Namely, players will now be able to completely remap their controller layouts for both JoyCons and Pro controllers.

The update also enables users to bring full data transfers for game data and saves to external SD cards, which will enable players to better manage the limited storage space on the Nintendo Switch console. It’s a really cool and needed update, so let’s dig in and figure out how to remap your controller on Nintendo Switch.

To start remapping you need to head to the system settings within the menu, by default pressing the gear icon in the home screen takes you to this menu. The Controllers and Sensors sub-menu is your goal for reworking your control schemes. Once the update is installed, a new option underneath Change Grip/Order will be Change Button Mapping.


Once you have selected this option, choose which controller type you’re using. You can Change, Reset or Save a mapping for any of the controller styles officially supported by Nintendo. When you select Change Button Mapping, you will be presented with options for both Control Stick Settings and face button remaps. This next screen will prompt you to press a button to alter its related input. Any face button can be remapped to any other button on the controller. So if you have a certain layout that’s more comfortable of familiar to you than the default Nintendo Switch keybinds, here’s how you set and save it.

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Joy-Cons are automatically separated during the mapping process, so each one can have its own custom remap to make things easier on the user. If you’re using a control scheme on one JoyCon, make sure to mirror it on the other if you want that, otherwise it could end up being really weird to control.

How to remap your controller on Nintendo Switch

Keep in mind that each control scheme can only be saved with one set of remaps. The reamps can also be reset to the defaults at any time.

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