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EVE Fanfest SOV 5.0 Presentation


The sovereignty presentation recently took place at this year’s fanfest which was presentated by CCP Fozzie. I have attempted to make notes on the main points and imagine’s where possible but there is gaps so apologies. If you have anything to add then post in the comments below and it can be updated as required.

Sovereignty Presentation Notes – the following will follow a slide by slide format.

Team five-o have been dealing with the changes in CCP.

Sov 1.0 – (2003 – 2004)

– Before formal sovereignty players still claimed space even though the server didn’t record it.

– Sovereignty is primarily an emergent mechanic.

Sov 2.0 – (2004 – 2007)

– First sovereignty based on starbase system and it allowed station ownership.

– First time the server tracked it.

Sov 3.0 – (2007 – 2009)

– Update on sovereignty system.

– Increased upgraded sovereignty and brought in a constellation capital systems.

– Strongly weighted to defender as you had to take the constellation to take capital system but it did make constellations matter.

Sov 4.0 – (2009 – 2015)

– Dominion sovereignty is the current system and it has been a long time for the system to be running.

– Sovereignty is something that needs to be iterated on often which is one of biggest failures for Dominion.

– It introduced sovereignty structures along with economic upgrades such as respawning rats/belts.

– However it replaced one structure grind with another.

Sov 5.0

Phoebe was Phase 1 of the new changes which brought in jump fatigue and the goal was to create less dog-piling and more regionalism.

Phase 2 is due for release in Summer 2015


– The aim is to focus on capture mechanics.

– Initial blog was released on March 3rd along with a very busy feedback thread.

– Schedule for June 2015

– It will only be released when its done and it is open to changes

– The aim is to work with players to get the plan together. They usually don’t provide info so early but it needs input as there are a wide variety of players that this will be effecting.



– Engagement by everyone and fun for everyone.

– Clearer system to stop it being convoluted with the hope of lessening the requirement to bring huge fleets. However, there is no plan to put a cap on fleet size as it should be responsive to enemy fleets.

– Speed up capture of fallow space with buffer regions not being a defensive measure with active space being easier to defend than those which aren’t lived in.

– Spread out the largest battles to make it easier for the server to handle them. With the additional hope to spread out fleets and create mobile fleets with more FCs/players involved.

– There is a team improving performance on EVE server wise but it can’t be done with technical tools alone.

– Iteration is important and thankfully it is easier to code now and new patch cycle helps improve this.


Entosis link

– It is a core mechanic based on a new module built from drifter tech.

– Further drifter info to come in the next few days/months.

– The first use of this module is on sovereignty but it won’t be the only one.

– Replaces structure shooting which is based on time and not hitpoints.

– CCP are listening to feedback on the thread to make changes.

– Hopefully there will be some form of measurement on who has control.

– Structures can only be defended by owners directly with the link forcing you to show up.

Independant structures

– Simplifies ownership allowing alliances to choose where to invest as the upkeep cost will no longer be on the TCU.

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– Structures can be mixed and matched on what to use with further details coming in the keynote and structure presentation.


iHub and upgrade changes

– Initial changes in April with the lowered volume of ihubs and all military/industrial structures meaning that a deep space transport can move them.

– All structures will be able to be deployed from fleet hangers and they can finally be built by players.


Time zone safety

– Some kind of system required and there will be trade offs with the hopes of having a balance between attackers and defenders.

– There are many competing needs and a survey has been created to gather information with 6000 responses so far.

English: http://timezones.questionpro.com

Russian and German: http://timezones-loc.questionpro.com

Constellation wide events

– To spread fights to different locations where geography should matter and play a part increasing tactical benefits.


Freeport mode

– Last hit on a station is a frustrating unbalanced mechanic as can be seen with the current fight between Brave and PL in GE-.

– This mode will help people evac longing with allowing enemies to store hostile ships.

– Hopefully will improve numbers in nullsec and make 3rd parties effective.

– However it may not always be needed but it can’t be on ihubs etc due to their current role.

The plan is to make all things destructible – again refer to the Keynote and structure presentation.

Occupancy Defensive bonuses

– If your active in space it will increases system defences which is the number 1 priority after release.

– However it is not easy to pull all things in such as PVP kills without allowing for farming to take place.


PVE and ISK making

– Should be valuable in Nullsec as long as the benefits are worth risk.

– The entire game is to be kept in mind to ensure there isn’t an economic inbalance.

– Different space should have different values and some areas need more help than others to fix this.

– Nullsec mining revamp in April which the CSM have helped develop. There will be a complete rebuild of Nullsec ores and these ores will have everything to build all things needed in Nullsec. – Details in a devblog after Fanfest to stop players speculatively buying before the Fanfest goers can get home.

– Industrial and military decay rates to be changed. to match human levels of game play.


UI work in progress

– Changes to come in at April 15.

– New UI to show what’s in danger along with a new map which is being put together.

– There will be a display in the system itself to allow clarity of the situation.

– They would like feedback on what the players want to see.

– Alliance info page will show all structures and there status which can be sorted by distance/levels etc. Making information easy to gather and hopefully it will be part of the CREST.


Extensive play testing on Singularity

– Scenarios will be on Sisi to try with the winning alliance added to description of Entosis BPO for all of time.

– Preliminary signups today with no commitment and the CEO of exec corp in game needs to send mail to CCP Fozzie.

– It could also help with a sisi node test.


Closing statement: Thanks to everyone, we are keeping an eye on everything so we can get all the information needed to help develop the game.

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