How to get all Summon Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake

How to get Shiva in Final Fantasy VII Remake

With both the original game and new remake, Materia in Final Fantasy VII is pretty important, and it’s even more so in the new remake. There are several Summon Materia in the game, and this guide will break down where to find all of them.

The new version also takes things up a notch by tying Materia levels to certain quest outcomes. Certain sidequests have dialogue choices based on Materia levels. For one example, certain quests will rely on Assess Materia to find hidden buttons. You will always want to have a few different Summons on tap, ready to jump into battle at any given moment. Keep leveling them up, as the tougher boss fights will require Summons to beat.

Summon Materia How to get it
Ifrit From Jessie at the end of Chapter 3
Chocobo & Moogle Inside Mako Reactor 5 during Chapter 6
Shiva Battle Intel for Chadley
Fat Chocobo Battle Intel for Chadley
Leviathan Battle Intel for Chadley
Bahamut Battle Intel for Chadley
Chocobo Chick Pre-order bonus
Cactaur Deluxe Edition purchase
Carbuncle Deluxe Edition purchase

This is all the Summons that have been uncovered so far, we will update the guide if we uncover more.

Summons rely on the ATB system in-game, so you will need a full ATB gauge to make use of them. The Summons last until the gauge runs out when activated. The Summon option in your Command menu as this meter fills up during a fight. Party members will need to spend their available ATB points to get the Summon to perform an attack.

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