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Grinding Gear Games announces stackable Fossils and other 3.7.4 details

Path of Exile Stackable Fossils

Grinding Gear Games is a company known for often giving players of Path of Exile exactly what they want. And one of the most common complaints that players have is not having enough space in their Stashes. Luckily, Grinding Gear Games has made plenty of options available to make our lives in Wraeclast that much easier. Currency Tabs to store thousands upon thousands of currency orbs, Map Tabs for all of our endgame needs, a new Uniques Tab for the packrat players, and so much more.

But there’s always going to be loot to collect in POE, so players are always looking for more efficiency with their storage. One area where such efficiency was lacking was with the Delve League’s Fossils and Resonators. These powerful crafting items don’t stack, meaning any player doing deep Delve runs will no doubt accrue tabs full of these items. Now, that’s all about to change, as we will finally be able to stack Fossils, and soon Resonators as well.

Here’s the relevant details from GGG:

Once the 3.7.4 patch goes live, you’ll be able to stack your Fossils, and will be able to socket them directly into Resonators from a stack. Common and valuable fossils stack to 20 and 10 respectively. The stack size in the wildcard slots of the Currency Stash Tab is 5000, like other currency items.

We plan to make similar changes to (empty) Resonators in the near future.

The developer is also wrapping up its weekend sale on footprints, portals and character effects, you’ve still got a few hours left to grab some of these MTX items on discount. And with more than 100 items to choose from, you better hurry.

But if you’re looking toward the future, GGG has just revealed a new hideout for Exiles to decorate as they wish. The newly revealed Innocence Hideout is inspired by the Chamber of Innocence that’s the site of a boss fight in Oriath, and it’s steeped in lore and beautiful iconography. There’s plenty of potential here for both beautiful creativity and sacrilegious destruction, whatever creative ambitions you have in Path of Exile, you now have yet another template to work with. Check it out in the trailer down below.

Path of Exile and its new Legion expansion are live now, and completely free-to-play on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Gamers who are just getting into the game will want to check out our various game guides for Path of Exile.

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