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How to get the Vexed emote in Final Fantasy XIV

How to get the Vexed Emote in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Square Enix really loves its in-game events in FF14. There are hundreds of quests you can complete that have some cool rewards. There are also some awesome cosmetics that offer new items to deck your character out with. This MMO has a ton of depth to it. The game often adds new items that players can claim, just to get a bit of uniqueness for their avatar. The Vexed emote in Final Fantasy XIV is the latest of these new items.

How to get the Vexed emote in Final Fantasy XIV

For starters, you need to complete a few basic steps involving various quests. The Vexed Emote is releasing during The Let it Rain Campaign 2021, which is tied to the Manderville Gold Saucer casino. This casino has many different mini-games within, and each can offer some cosmetics and other rewards.

To get the full benefit from this event, you need to bring plenty of MGP. That will then involve taking that currency around and completing various tasks. The first step is to speak with Ollier in Ul’dah at The Steps of Nald at (X:9.4, Y:9.2). This level 15 quest is very simple, and just leads you to speaking with the Stern Saucer Attendant. That then opens up the next phase.

For the next step, you need to find Grege at the main counter in Entrance Square, doing so will bring about the completion of the A Token of Thanks quest. That will reward you with the emote.

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The event ends on August 11, so get on it if you wish to get this Emote. There’s no guarantee that the Vexed emote will remain in FF14 after this event ends.

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