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Beyond a Steel Sky has been delayed until 2020

Beyond a Steel Sky

Revolution Software has announced that the sequel to classic adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky, Beyond a Steel Sky, has been delayed until 2020. The game got its first glimpse of daylight a few months ago, showing off various gameplay mechanics and a bit of the overall setting. That trailer doesn’t go into the mechanics themselves though, which are pretty complex. According to the team, this delay is being taken to refine the overall game and to help them deliver their ideal vision.

Being that it’s a dynamic and living world, Beyond a Steel Sky is going to be quite complex. The gameplay blends RPG ideals with adventure game exploration to create a rather vibrant setting. The game will react to the choices a player makes, offering some dynamism to the narrative too. A part of the gameplay revolves around puzzle-solving, in true adventure game fashion. Players will use hacking and intuition to overcome a wide array of reactive puzzles and other challenges throughout the story.

Beyond a Steel Sky has a story that takes the player on quite the journey too. Beyond a Steel Sky will tell is a thrilling story of loyalty and redemption. Moreover, the game will be set in an eerie and terrifying world of AI-driven insanity. The quest to liberate humanity from the yoke of digital oppression won’t be an easy one though. There won’t be as much combat as other RPGs, but expect some pretty hefty challenge. Even the characters will react to player choice, which is really cool. Dave Gibbons is lending his artistic styling too, so the game will look great as well.

Revolution Software plans to release Beyond a Steel Sky in early 2020 on Steam. The game is also getting a console release as well.

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