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RE2 Remake has a spooky new trailer

Another day, another new trailer for Resident Evil 2‘s remake. Well, it does include a lot of the same scenes we’ve seen in other trailers, but there’s a few new teases in there too. We get a peak at who I assume is Claire Redfield, we see more cramped corridors filled with enemies. And most importantly of all, we see a much different tone to the remake compared to the original game.

It’s mostly down to the much improved graphics and lighting, but this probably the scariest and moodiest RE game yet. All the little details we see as teases in this trailer set us up for some really tense and frightening moments in the final game. I’m seriously in love with the way the RPD is being portrayed in this game.

The system requirements for this remake were released yesterday, and on a beefy enough PC, the game should look as amazingly ominous as it does in the trailer. We’ll all just have to wait and see. In the meantime, the trailer is the for you if you want it.

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