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System Shock remake will feature a new art style

System Shock Remake

Some of you probably remember System Shock. The 1994 classic that brought cyberpunk fiction and first-person gameplay to a new level, and cemented a place in the annals of gaming legend. Since then, gamers and fans have clamored for new entries in the franchise, or a full remaster of the games for modern audiences. Those requests finally bore fruit a few years ago when a plan was announced to create a full remaster of System Shock.

The plan was to crowdfund the full rebuild of the old school classic via Kickstarter. That plan met with resounding success back in 2016, reaching its goal in less than a week. Nightdive Studios immediately set to work remaking one of the classic fusions of horror and cyberpunk, a remaster that gamers have wanted for years.

Now, Nightdive has released some early pre-alpha footage showing the re-imagined levels and art of the game. This new trailer makes it much more likely that development has kicked off on the project again, after months of silence and uncertainty left fans lost and waiting for more news.

Still want to see more of what the new System Shock will offer? Additional new art assets and the latest backer update can be found on Kickstarter. You should also take a look below at the new art preview trailer for the game.

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