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Path of Exile 3.3 [Good League Starter!] – Pure Skeleton Warriors

Path of Exile Build Skeleton Necro 3.3

Build Pros

  • Scales well into the end-game
  • Very easy to manage due to simplicity of mechanics
  • Great league starter with budget gear for lower content

Build Cons

  • Early game is a bit slow
  • Not very Budget Friendly at end-game with optimal gear
  • Clear speed isn’t the best, so Incursions can be annoying

Passive Tree(s)

Recommended Tree and Gear (Level 90):

Passive tree on website:

20 points:
40 points:
60 points:
80 points:
100 points:


Farming maps: Gruthkul, Lunaris (Pretty much any Gods will work though)


Kill All

Ascendancy skill points


Invoker > Bone Sculptor > Commander of Darkness > Mistress of Sacrifice

Leveling Items and General Tips To increase zombie DPS. For buffs to SRS. Gives an HP boost to booth you and your minions. This one can make your Golem a decent off-tank in mid-levels. Great choice to give +2 to minion gems.

Avoid these map mods:

  • Reflect (All Maps)
  • No Leech/Regen (All Maps)
  • Extra Elemental Damage Mod types (High-Tier)
  • Poison on Hit (High-Tier)

Level using the trees as a guide, with a hybrid of SRS and skellies as your main skills. Once you get that third Ascendancy, transition to Skeleton Warriors completely and begin end-game gearing process. Always have Bone Offering and Desecrate in rotation to increase DPS.

Wait to use the rest of the Curse setup past Temporal Chains until the end-game Red Maps.

Skill Gem Setup

6L Summon Skeleton: Summon Skeleton + Minion Speed + Minion Damage + Multistrike + Melee Splash + Maim

Summon Skeleton > Melee Splash > Minion Damage > Multistrike > Minion Speed > Maim
Swap Splash for Melee Physical Damage on high HP Bosses. The above is your main priority most of the time though.

4L: Curse on Hit + Desecrate + Ball Lightning + Vulnerability

4L: Temporal Chains + Hatred + Generosity + Blasphemy

2L: Bone Offering + Increased Duration

2L: Animate Guardian + Minion Life

1L: Clarity Lvl 1 (Ring)

1L: Summon Stone Golem (Ring)

Build Uniques / Example Rare Gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in

In this section you will find all the suggested items for this build. We always try to include optional gear in our listing, or try your own assuming you get similar stat rolls. Aim for high-quaity Rares if you’re replacing Uniques.

The goal here is to buff your Skeleton as much as possible, with a secondary focus on survivability.


Femurs of the Saints is an absolute must have for this build to really shine. A Four-link of this isn’t too pricey though No real replacement for it in end-game. Other setups like those with Reverberation Rod require too much a tree rework to grab Necromantic Aegis, which is necessary for 1H+Shield summoning builds.


Any Rare with Life+Res rolls and Minion buff mods like +2 to level and increased minion damage is a fine choice.

Min. requirements:
70 Maximum Life
Any Uncapped Resistances
Increased Minion Damage
Optional affixes:
Maximum Energy Shield
% Increased Energy Shield

Body Armor

Kaom’s Heart is a huge necessity for the survivability of this build. Until you can afford it. Bloodbond should be used until you can afford Kaom’s.


Abyss Belts with Life and Resistances are a good option for end-game. Other Rares might do in a pinch, but not having good rolls can make you a lot more squishy than is tolerable.

Min. requirements:
70 maximum Life
40 maximum Energy Shield
Optional affixes:
Elemental Resistances


Grip of the Council is a good choice due to the added survivability to minions.

Min. requirements:
60 maximum Life
Decent tri-Elemental Resistance Rolls
Optional affixes:
Minion Buffs


Rare boots with max rolled Life, Resists and Movement Speed are BIS.

Min. requirements:
50 maximum Life
30% increased Movement Speed
25% Fire Resistance
25% Lightning Resistance
25% Cold Resistance


Attributes will need some help, so get a corrupted Amulet with as many stats as possible. Getting good Life rolls can help with survivability.

Min. requirements:
50 maximum Life
Maximum Mana
15% increased maximum Energy Shield
Optional affixes:


The Pariah is a great unique due to the increased overall buffs, assuming good corruptions and you’re in Standard. Rare Unset Rings with the following mods are a good bet in other cases. Increased Minion Movement Speed (crafted) is also OK here.

Praxis can be good for leveling.

Min. requirements:
70 Maximum Life
15% All Elemental Resistances

Optional affixes:
Maximum Mana


Quicksilver (+increased speed)
Rumi’s Concoction
Catalyzed Life (+ bleed removal)
Instant heal Life (+ freeze removal)
Basalt (+freeze removal)

You can swap the mods around the life and basalt if needed due to RNG.


From Dust – This is critical to Mana Sustain, get ASAP.
To Dust

Recommended affixes:
% increased maximum Life
% increased Minion Damage
Optional affixes:
% increased Minion Life
% increased Maximum Energy Shield
X if you’ve used a Minion skill recently

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