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Check out the incredibly detailed character creator for Black Desert on Xbox One

Black Desert Online Xbox One Release Date

Black Desert is finally headed for its much-hyped release on the Xbox One. And now, Pearl Abyss has unveiled a new trailer showing off one of the aspects that long-time fans really love, the incredible character creation suite in BDO. Black Desert as a game is known for a lot of things, but one of the most prescient elements that gets tons of praise is the polished graphical fidelity and beautiful setting. This game is seriously gorgeous, and part of that beauty extends to the characters.

And it’s not just the high-quality visuals that fans love about this MMO, the character creator offers a huge variety and endless flexibility within the class archetypes of the game. And as Black Desert expands class offerings with each new patch, they also tend to increase the amount of options available to players to craft their avatar with.

You can customize the outfits you wear, to an absurd degree, and almost every physical feature of your player character in Black Desert on the PC, and the same will be true for the Xbox one port. The game will still lock players to gendered choices according to classes, although some classes offer a choice, everything else can be tweaked. Everything from individual strands of hair and eye color, to the overall style of your clothing is up for adjustment in BDO. And with this new trailer, gamers get the smallest taste of all of the options they have.

The full launch of Black Desert on the Xbox One is only a few days away, the console port of the beautiful and detailed MMO launches on March 4th. You can take a look at the trailer showcasing character customization down below.

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