Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Segin Squad (Dark Crew) Star Base Guide

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Segin Squad Guide

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a true open-world structure this time around, and the game has changed a lot compared to previous franchise entries because of it. The player is free to explore and find their own path through Paldea, but the developers have placed clear signposting all over to direct the flow of play through some pretty clear progression. One such means of directing player’s attention is Operation Starfall. As is often the case with the Pokemon franchise, another evil team of miscreants is up to no good. In this case, it’s Team Star, a group of young Trainers with some nerfarious; though very unclear, goals.

Your job is to hunt down and clear out their bases all throughout the region. These are effectively the same as Gyms from previous games. You face a series of escalatingly powerful Trainers who will all use similar Types and moves, and your job is to beat them. Giacomo’s Dark Type Team Star Base is the best base to tackle first in the Operation Starfall storyline. This guide will help you understand what to expect from the Trainers inside, and give you some tips for how to overcome the first real challenge in the game.

How to beat the Segin Squad in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Each of the four main squads of Team Star has a unique type of Pokemon that they are associated with, in the case of Segin Squad, they are the Dark-type group of Trainers. You’ll find this base in West Province, Area One (North). Head  Northeast from the Pokemon Center in this area and you’ll see it on a side road after a bit of a run.

Where to find Segin Squad

After that you will be met with waves of Team Grunt’s Pokemon and the Team Star Boss Battle in quick succession, so make sure you prepare your team and items fully before approaching the base.

That means you will really want to watch out for certain move types. Also, team composition for Type matchups is important. Here are some tips to remember:

  • You only get to use the first three Pokemon in your party, so plan ahead
  • Psychic-type moves do no damage to Dark-type Pokemon
  • Dark is weak to Fighting, Fairy and Bug types
  • Dark doesn’t get STAB, so bringing a Dark type wouldn’t hurt if you need to tank a heavy hitter while healing your more useful mons.

What Pokemon should I bring?

The options you have for Pokemon to bring to this fight will depend on what you’ve caught and what you have trained up to the proper levels. You’ll face levels ranging from 18-22 or so, so bring some around that level. Assuming you’ve taken down the first two Gyms before this, you should be able to command monsters up to Level 30 without issue.

That’s really up to you, but here are some good options for a good mix of types:

  • Fidough (Fairy)
  • Jigglypuff (Normal/Fairy)
  • Makuhita (Fighting/Bug Tera)
  • Mankey (Fighting)
  • Tauros (Fighting)
  • Combee (Bug/Flying)
  • Lucario (Fighting/Steel)
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Training up with the XP share is pretty easy. What I did was take a Psyduck in the main slot, and three Pokemon I wanted to level up for this fight. I ran along the road from the Pokemon center to the base’s main gate, taking out any Rockruff, Mankey, Numel, Phanpy and Mudbray I saw with one-hit KOs using Psychic and Water moves. Got my desired team to the needed levels in just a few minutes of farming.

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Segin Squad Guide

The first pair of guards out front will confront the player after a short cutscene, and you will need to overcome 1 Level 19 Murkrow. This is a pretty speedy Pokemon, but anything that isn’t weak to Dark or Flying type moves should be able to overcome it easily. That’s why bringing Bug types is a bad idea as a lead-off, Wing Attack from a Murkrow will destroy most Bug Types in the early levels. There are a bunch of Mankey right outside the gate, so grab one of those and train it up to around level 23 or so if you need help.

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Segin Squad Giacomo

Taking Down the Boss

Be sure to grab the X Sp. Attack to the right of the Dark Base entrance before heading inside. Once inside, be ready to fight hard. Be sure to bring some healing items. When you head inside, it’s time to take on the rush of Star Pokemon. The purpose of this rush is to use the auto-battle system to defeat 30 monsters in 10 minutes. If your team takes damage, head back to your ally at the gate to heal up. Be sure to do that before the finish of the rush to heal up for the boss. You will need to press the R button and have them battle the Grunts’ Pokemon simultaneously. Sableye, Zoura, Murkrow, Sneasel and Sandile will spawn around the area and you have to run around and fight them.

Once you’ve beaten 30 Pokemon, the next phase begins, Giacomo, the boss will come out. The boss has a level 21 Pawniard that’s Dark/Steel, and a level 20 Revaroom that’s Dark.

The Pawniard is a much bigger threat here. Moves like Aerial Ace are there to counter Bug-type, so watch out. Revaroom also has Swift and Spin Out, which can hit really hard. Spin Out also lowers Speed, so be very careful of that one. Metal Sound can be pretty devastating too, so watch out for that. Defeat his pair of monsters and you’ll be treated to a cutscene showing his backstory. He’ll also hand over TM42, Foul Play. Penny will show up and unlock somke new TMs as well as giving you materials to make them.

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