How to get the Tango skin in Fortnite

How to get the Tango skin in Fortnite

The Tango skin was recently leaked in Fortnite, and it has fans going nuts. This stylish new item is part of a pack of rewards given to the best players during the event, so hop in-game and get going to see if you can earn this and other cool rewards. The Fortnite Celebration Cup that will be held on Feb. 15-16, exclusively on PlayStation 4. It’s during this event that the Tango skin can be earned.

The Tango skin and the Wild Accent pickaxe part of a specific item set, just like everything else in Fortnite. The top-performing players on each regional leaderboard will get a shot at this unique set of items. The best 5% of players in each region get the Tango skin as a special reward at the end of the day.  The top 25 percent of players in each region will get the Wild Accent Pickaxe.

The Tango skin and the Wild Accent pickaxe are part of the Tactical Fashions set, which of course has its items included as well. There’s the new Hurricane Back Bling, which is not listed as a reward during this PS4 event. It’s possible the Hurrican Bling and other items could be rewards during another future event or the next day of the Celebration Cup. Epic could also run the event on other platforms.

If you aren’t on PS4 or miss the event for some other reason, don’t feel bad. There’s still a chance that Epic could decide to bring the event to other platforms under a new name. If that happens, we will be sure to let you know.

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