How to get Professor Oak in Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters

The renowned Professor Oak is the latest trainer to join the roster of Pokémon Masters. It is also the first time he can battle in the Pokémon series. His companion is the mythical and rare Mew. They have made their way over to the game, and now you can add them to your collection to use alongside your trainer and another duo to use in the three on three Pokémon battles.

A quick cutscene plays out where you meet Professor Oak with Red and Blue, the two main characters from the first Pokémon games when you make the initial update to the game. You receive Professor Oak automatically, at the end of the cutscene, and he joins your list of available Pokémon trainers to take into battle.

Professor Oak is a technique-driven battler, which makes him an ideal choice to leave a lasting effect against Pokémon and giving them a status effect. A Pokémon can be optimized with a status effect by making them more vulnerable to your other trainers during combat. A tech Trainer’s Pokémon doesn’t have the best health compared to others, though, so you will want to make sure you have a support role in your roster.

Pokémon Masters allows trainers to take the peak battling experience on the go, fighting Pokémon wherever they go. Players build their team and take on trainers through rigorous and tactical battles that often pit teams of Trainers against each other.

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Each battle set is broken into a specific chapter, and each chapter contains iconic Trainers and Pokémon from various regions and generations of the games and anime. The developers have also been pushing plenty of other roster updates for various new trainers, so there are plenty of battles to take on.

Professor Oak starts as a three-star trainer. His strength can be increased by participating in specific missions that give the player custom vouchers made for them to turn them into a powerful addition to your team. These quests can be found in your Polyphone using the missions tab. There are 95 missions available in total, and you will have 30 days to complete them. Once they’re gone, you will need to power up Professor Oak by earning items and completing other events in the game.

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