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IO Interactive confirms Hitman 3, continues working on Hitman 2

Hitman 3 confirmed

NoClip has just released an excellent mini-documentary hosted by Danny O’Dwyer, and this time it’s all about the escapades of the iconic assassin-for-hire Agent 47. Developer IO Interactive has plenty to share with fans and interested viewers about both the history of the company and the franchise itself. Hitman still has lots of life left in it, according to IOI, so that’s good news. But that’s not all the company had to share.

One of the notable reveals within said documentary comes toward the end, as  Danny O’ Dwyer chats with a handful of developers behind the franchise, revealing a key bit of news.  IOI CEO Hakan Abrak has revealed that the studio is in fact working on a new mainline entry into the Hitman franchise. What’s more, is that it will definitively wrap up the current storyline.

No further details were revealed, but one detail did tease that the third game in the modernized series of reboots may follow an episodic structure like its predecessors. Although IOI admits that the third game is not at the top of their list of priorities right now, as work continues on new content for Hitman 2. Take of that what you will, but it seems to be pretty clear that this new game is a ways off from release, and development is likely still very early.

In other news, the developer also recently dropped a trailer for the newest bit of content for Hitman 2, as Agent 47 takes his hunt for vengeance to Siberia. Other post-launch DLC has landed in NYC, or had players taking out legendary actor Sean Bean.

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Check out that new documentary down below. It’s definitely a good watch for any fan of the franchise. And the confirmation of a new game that wraps up the current continuity is great.

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