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Xbox Game Pass adding A Plague Tale, Indivisible, and more

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is throwing more free games onto the service by the end of January 2020. Four more games of varying genres are coming to Xbox’s on-demand gaming service by the end of the month. Of course it comes alongside some removals from the service as well earlier in the month. Even though a few games did leave, like Shadow of Mordor, new games are coming to take their place.

Four new titles are due to drop onto the digital distribution hub at various points this month. Check all the new games out in the trailers for each game below. We also included a short blurb about each one talking through the basics of the gameplay. Now you know exactly what to expect from Xbox Game Pass in January 2020.

Firstly is the story-driven descent into madness and disease, Plague Tale: Innocence. This effort seeks to take one of the darkest times in the history of Europe and give modern games a new lens to look through into the terrifying tragedy of the Black Death. The ravenous rats swarm and bite their way through the infested population centers, killing scores. And as the clergy, directed by the increasingly psychotic Inquisition, attempts in vain to halt the spread of the contagion. The player takes on the role of Amicia as she seeks to bring her ill brother Hugo to safety.

Microsoft won’t be stopping there though. Not only will gamers on the Xbox One get to contend with legions of rats in plague-ridden France, you’re going to get to hop around the fantasy lands of Indivisible. 505 Games’ Indivisible joins Game Pass on the 23rd, bringing one the most recent, and best, mixtures of platforming and role-playing elements to grace the Xbox One. The player is on an adventure as Anja, a hero who uses mystical powers to take down the horrible monsters that have invaded her home.

Then there’s some more niche titles headed our way. Sea Salt comes next at the end of the month on the 30th. The game is a unique blend of strategy and horrifying action, as the player tries to inflict maximum suffering on random subjects. The player is placed in the role of the very grumpy Old Gods, who were cranky and just wanted to sew some chaos. Players will have to choose what pox, ills, and other forms of torment to inflict on the lowly humans to get the most suffering satisfaction.

Finally, also debuting on the 30th is Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour. This is the ultimate fishing sim for fans of the sport on Xbox. Featuring many locales with dozens of species of fish, players will compete in various events against more than 150 well-known pros of the sport. To bring home the biggest catch, players will pick gear and loadouts from more than 50 different names in outdoor sport. It also doesn’t hurt that the game looks really great too.

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