Where to get more Supremo-Bond in Far Cry 6

Where to get more Supremo-Bond in Far Cry 6

Now that you’re deep into the base building and war effort in Far Cry 6, you’re hunting for materials. This game has a literal ton of side activities all tied to that stuff. The game wants you to explore, so why not do that. This guide will help with one aspect of the game players seem to be having trouble with. When it comes to weapon upgrades, there are materials you need to get. In particular, we’re going to go over ways to get more Supremo-Bond in Far Cry 6.

Where to get more Supremo-Bond in Far Cry 6

The Supremo is one of the most useful tools in your arsenal for travel and other solutions to problems you face. The weapons and various upgrades you can get take materials to unlock. One material you need is called Supremo-Bond in Far Cry 6.

You can get more, but it’s kind of hard. There are three primary ways to find more of this stuff. Problem is, you need to go hunting for it. The randomness of the drops means you’re going to have to find it manually. There are plenty of spawns they just take time to find.

  • Ambushes
  • Libertad Chests
  • Supply Drops

Libertad Chests are hidden resource and supply caches, found on each region of the map. The spawns are set, but are very much meant to be hidden. You will have to explore to find them. The drops also seem pretty varied, meaning it’s kind of hard to get crafting items like Supremo-bond from them. It’s worth a shot though.

Ambushes can be found much easier, and are a good source of different upgrade mats. You can find them by looking for the gun icon, it’s the one with a gun inside a diamond shape. Find and ambush the convoy. Be sure to take out the guards and loot the chests they’re guarding. These chests are your rewards, and can contain a bunch of stuff. Be sure to blow up any vehicles when you’re done if you want more items as well from the wrecks.

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The Supply Drops seem like a much better route for farming this item, provided you can find them. The airspace around Yara is filled with activity, and one of the random events that can happen is cargo planes dropping stuff. You will know a Supply Drop has been deployed when you see yellow smoke on the ground. That yellow smoke marks the location for the drop. Head there and break open the chest to see what you got.

Medicine is another good thing to hunt down. You will need it to expand your base. It’s also much easier to find out in the world. You might also want to go hunting Durable Plastic from enemy vehicles. To get plenty of camp resources and other upgrades, you might want to gather up some Yaran Pesos. If you’re after a better set of gear, go find and upgrade the Supremo. And if you’re trying to upgrade weapons, go hunt for some Depleted Uranium.

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