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Rage 2 publishes “12 Days of Ragemas” holiday video

Rage 2 publishes "12 Days of Ragemas" holiday video

Are you in the holiday mood? Are you someone who would rather have more fun blasting digital baddies to bits? If the latter applies to you, you’re likely to enjoy this particular trailer as it takes the Christmas tone and completely flips upside down.

And let’s be honest, the actual song 12 Days of Christmas, is really bland and monotone. And plenty of people probably agree with that perception. So that means the developers over at id and Bethesda have made their own little mix of the classic tune, one that’s sure to excite your desires, not for cake and Christmas goose, but for bloodshed and carnage.

The new trailer brings new lyrics to the table, with a jaunty new tune that makes a decent reworking of the original. The song is also intermixed with plenty of gameplay footage as well. Within the trailer we also finally got a confirmed release date for Rage 2. We will get out hands on this new game this May.

Rage 2 will be launching next year on May 14 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Check out the trailer for the game down below.

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