How to get Dark Wood in Valheim

Where to get Fine Wood in Valheim

The new expansion for Valheim has a lot of weight to it. Players will get to fight new bosses as they explore, and get to expand their base as a reward. There are plenty of new items to make, and it’s tons of fun.

With the new Hearth and Home update making it much more challenging, Valheim has gotten pretty crazy. There are a ton of new items to find and build.  You can find crystals to make a new crystal battleaxe. There’s also a bunch of other stuff too. If you need more defensive options, a bone tower shield is a good choice. There’s a lot to find out there in the Viking adventure with this new update.

The game also added a bunch of new items to build using new materials. Dark Wood in Valheim is that new building material. Players will get to explore the new environs, finding new items to build with, and enemies to fight.

How to Find Dark Wood in Valheim

Dark Wood is a wood product made from a combination of logs and tar. You need to head into the Planes Biomes to find Tar Pits. You can get it from the nodes in Tar Pits. You will have to overcome the hostile Growths to get it, but it’s not super dangerous. The pits themselves are pretty hard to miss when you know what they look like. Just head into the planes and look for the giant black pools.

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When you have Tar, you can then combine it with Fine Wood or Core Wood. Once you have all the materials, start churning out Dark Wood in the bench. Here are some of the items you can make using the new material. If you want, you can basically build an all-new base out of these various items.

  • Shingle roof pieces – 2 Wood, 1 Tar, Workbench
  • Darkwood poles and beams – Wood, Tar, Workbench
  • Carved Darkwood Divider – 2 Fine wood, 1 Tar, Workbench
  • Darkwood Arch – 2 Wood, 1 Tar, Workbench
  • Raven adornment – 10 Fine wood, 1 Tar, Workbench
  • Wolf adornment – 10 Fine wood, 1 Tar, Workbench

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