What is the Money Tree limit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

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You may not be able to plant a Money Tree in real life, but you certainly can in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  The popular new Switch title once again brings back the Bells as a primary currency from the previous games, and now players need to make tons of the currency to afford all of the housing, upgrades and furniture that they’re going to use to decorate their towns with.

Money trees are a very simple concept. Burying up to 10,000 Bells will guarantee that a Money Tree spawns in that spot after a few days, said tree will contain 30,000 Bells across three different money bags that act as the fruit for the new tree. But many players aren’t happy with the return of 20,000 Bells every few days.

There isn’t really a limit, but investing more money per tree doesn’t guarantee a higher return. The developer has not made the math that determines Money Tree spawns and values public, so we only really have guesses at this time.

Once you start planting over 10,000 Bells, the value of the three bags on said tree is much more random. There’s a chance to get the amount you buried back across the three bags, but it could also just default to 10,000 Bells per bag. This makes the 10,000 Bell investment the safest as there’s no loss that can be had.

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There is also one more threshold that often offers a solid return. Burying 99,000 Bells has a chance of giving back 199,000 Bells as a reward. Although the risk of losing the initial 99,000 is still there. For this reason, there’s some incentive to take the risk every once in a while. What makes the most sense is to plant as many 10,000 Bell trees to make that 99,000 Bells every few days, and then rotate a small number, maybe 1-3, of the larger value trees. This way you will always at least break even.

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