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106 Million PS4 Systems, 5 Million PSVR Units Sold

PS4 Nears 100 Million Units Shipped

It has only been a short while since we reported on the PS4 nearing 100 million units sold. Now, as of this week, Sony has confirmed that 106 million PS4 systems have been sold since 2013. During tonight’s Sony press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sony announced the milestone to make up for the lack of PS5 news. The company also revealed that their online services cover more than 100 million users each month. Pretty impressive.

106 million PS4 systems is just a stupidly high amount. And considering that the console is only about six years old, that’s some impressive growth. That total eclipses the roughly 88 million PS3s sold by October last year. Xbox 360 put up similar numbers. More modern platforms like the Switch and Xbox One have both pushed around 50 million units.

This number also puts the PlayStation 4 ahead of the original PlayStation, which sold around 102 million units. The only other Sony console to beat the PS4 is the legendary PS2, which sold an astonishing estimated 157 million units. The only other gaming consoles to come close to that mark are the DS and Game Boy/Game Boy Color Nintendo offerings. Those sold around 155 million and 118 million respectively.

Another interesting stat involved the PlayStation VR. The PSVR has managed to ship more than 5 million units. And with Sony planning to drop a new variant of the VR platform alongside the PS5 launch, there’s sure to be more gamers hoping on that particular virtual bandwagon.

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It’s pretty clear that Sony has dominated overseas in terms of pure hardware sales this generation. But don’t slouch on their software sales either. The company has garnered 38.8 million are subscribers to PlayStation Plus, as well as a raw sales number for games of more than 1.15 billion video game titles.

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