How to own a haunted Victorian house in BitLife

BitLife – How to complete the Woeful Wednesday Challenge

There’s another week gone in the game of life, and that means the weekend is finally here. The weekend means that video games are being fired up across the globe, and gamers are trying to get their in-game goals done before trudging off back to work or school on Monday. And that is the ideal time for developers like CandyWriter to launch various events in their games to get people playing. This week, you have a few days to complete the newest challenge, the Woeful Wednesday challenge. This one takes after the popular spin-off starring Jenna Ortega, Wednesday, and you get to try and recreate aspect of her spooky life in the game. This challenge has a bunch of different steps to polish off, with one being to learn to master the cello. Another later step in the challenge is to own a haunted Victorian house in BitLife.

This won’t be as easy as it sounds, but it can be done much easier with our guide. Keep reading to learn more about how to get this done.

How to own a haunted Victorian house in BitLife

One of the final goals you’ll achieve in this weekly task is to own a haunted Victorian house in BitLife.

You will need to focus on making cash pretty early on to get this challenge done. Make sure to have very high Smarts when you make your character, it will make getting the job you need a bit easier. Since you are planning to buy the house as a part of the Woeful Wednesday challenge, you need to save money from working a pretty high-paying job, but more on that later.

For now, let’s talk about the housing market in this game. Go into the Assets tab, then press Real Estate. Browse the listings for a vacant house titled Haunted Victorian Home. If you find one, purchase it and you’re done with this step. When you have the cash, go here and buy the house you want, just make sure that it’s listed as a haunted mansion. Now, comes the hard part, actually affording the place.

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How much does aa haunted Victorian house in BitLife, and how can I afford it?

These houses are not only hard to find on the market, but can also be very pricey. Unlike other houses that can cost millions, haunted houses a much cheaper. The ghosts may make poor roommates, but they make this insane housing market a little more bearable. Instead of spending 300,000 or more on one house, you can sometimes find a haunted Victorian house for around  $100K if you’re very lucky.

The best way to save cash to buy one of these very expensive properties is to go ahead and aim for a high-paying job. The best way to do this is to a different job like being a StockbrokerBusiness Analyst, or Banker. Once you have the house, you can swap to the job you need for the challenge.

This switch will require you to get a Biology degree most likely, so prepare to head back to school if you don’t get the Mortician job to show up under the Occupation menu. Sometimes it will show up, but you may need to refresh the list by closing the app or aging up. If the job you want still doesn’t show up, the last-ditch effort can be to go back to University and get a targeted Biology degree. Another option is to go for a medical degree from the beginning, aiming to become a Doctor. The Doctor career track takes a lot more effort to get into, but is very financially rewarding. Get to Medical School and you’re a good bit of the way there. You could be a Doctor for a few years to afford the house, then swap to the Mortician track once you purchase the house.

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