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Overcooked 2 is getting a New Game+ mode

Overcooked 2

Publisher Team17 has revealed that a New Game+ mode is being added to Overcooked 2 in a future patch.

The addition of New Game+ will add a fourth star to your possible earnings per round. This means that the bar will be set even higher for achieving a perfect run in each round in terms of orders served.

Once the update lands, players will be able to access New Game+ upon completion of the normal game. This means that all 45 levels will be fully reset, so players will have to traverse the whole Overcooked 2 map once again. Although you probably won’t mind that because the game is a blast to play, especially if you’re bringing friends into the mix.

There’s no firm release date yet, but we expect to see the New Game+ within a couple of months in order for the update to capitalize on the residual launch hype and push sales even higher. The devs also plan to add more content to the game in future updates, although no specifics were given as to what form those new additions might take.

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