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Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update will be split into two separate patches

Minecraft Snapshot 20W49A Patch Notes

The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update has been getting teased for a while. Today, the developers at Mojang announced that that patch will not long be one single update. Due to a variety of factors, the patch is now split into two separate updates that each adds its own features. As of right now, there are two separate releases: The Caves & Cliffs Summer Update and the Caves & Cliffs Holiday Update.

The changes were announced in a blog post from the company.

“Due to the ambition level of this update and the current state of the world, we’ve found it difficult to deliver on this promise while sticking to our original timeline,” the post said. “Since giving you the best update possible is our priority, we have decided to split Caves & Cliffs into two parts.”

The Summer Update will focus on adding all of the new mobs like the Goat, the Glow Squid and the Axolotl, and will also bring in other biome changes. However, it’s the Holiday update that’s adding the big banner features. That’s planned for the end of the year, and will bring in all the new underground content, like the new cave biomes. The ore updates teased in previous Snapshots will also be rolled into these releases. Copper, Geodes, Dripleaf and Glow Berries will be added during these patch cycles.

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The biggest reason for this change is bug-related. Mojang wants to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible since they are rolling out tons of new features here. With all the new content, there’s a lot set to change. And the developer doesn’t want to break everyone’s worlds all at once and then have things go wrong due to bugs. The company also doesn’t want to have to crunch employees, so that’s nice.

The two updates will be rolled out over the coming months.  The Summer Update will likely roll out by July, with the Holiday Update coming out around December at the latest. We don’t have exact dates, but expect more news on that in a few weeks.

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